2nd Year NTEP Student

Hello I am Patty Qamukkaq and I am a second year student of NTEP in Gjoa-Haven. This year will be a little easier as we wont be doing as much modules as the last three years. We are noe doing semesters and only 3 modules which I am very happy and confortable with!! We now have study days which we didnt have on our modules. We are currently taking ELNG 325 and 205 also Inuktitut 300. We are all enjoying our classes especially our inuktitut classes obviously, right now we are looking for different kinds of arctic fish species and learning about the names of the body parts of the fish.I hope all the NTEP students are enjoying their classes and good luck with your studies.


Summativbe Essay

The read/write web is a very good way to empower and educate students. It makes them feel confident in themselves. By using the read/write web we can discuss assignments, hobbies, passions or whatever you see is online, and gets positive feedback which makes shy students come out of their shells and raise their voice by replying on comments or blogs.

If you want to work online with students, weblogs are the first online tool you should try. Blogs are very flexible which means you don’t have a limit for your content. They also build relationships between with other educators and students. Weblogs can also enhance and deepen learning by motivating students to do their school work or even to let them come to school more often. The best part is that we can keep assignments on different subjects organized by using eportfolios.This is the weblog world!

A wiki is an open source site where information is always updated and is the most accurate. Using a wiki site in classrooms is fluid because if the information is not correct you can sign up for a wiki and after that you can start making changes or edit what you think is wrong.

Social networks are very collaborative and social in nature. You can use social networks to connect with family and friends near or far. They are free to use if not they don’t cost much. If you are wondering which social network suits you best, my suggestion would be Skype for video calling facebook.com to share photos or to chat with loved ones that are far away or twitter.com. They are very popular and they are free. You can connect with your child (ren) who is in university or with your other half who is on a business trip!

RSS is a very unique web tool I would say. With a Real Simple Syndication (RSS) we can get updates from all sorts of articles assignment or anything you want to be updated on. The real best part is you can get all this feedback in one weblog account or e-mail account! So try it I know that you well use it more often than your other online accounts!

What this is all about is that the read/write web is one of the easiest ways to connect to people it can also make us better readers and writers! Without the read/write web we would be stuck in classrooms trying to research something using textbooks which would probably take us a week to get one research done! Use the read/write web you are going to love it!!

Gjoa-Haven and me


 Gjoa Haven is located on the southeast part of King William Island, 300 kilometers above the Arctic. The physical geography of Gjoa-Haven and King William Island is very flat rolling hills, with sandy, dolomitic soil. Gjoa-Haven was established in the 1960’s by qabluunaq’s. This area of the central arctic is located on the Northwest Passage and is difficult to navigate by ship because of year round ice. When Knud Rasmussen travelled through the area in the 1940’s many Inuit had not seen a ‘kabloonaq’ or white man before.. When you travel by Ski-Doo, it is difficult to tell if you are travelling on frozen ocean, land, river or lake.Gjoa-Haven is a dry community which means you cannot bring any liquor into the community. Gjoa-Haven holds a plebiscite every 5 years to vote yes or no to Gjoa-Haven to be wet or dry yes for wet (to have alcohol in community) and no for dry (no alcohol).


         There are two stores in Gjoa-Haven and a doughnut shop where you can buy munchies between 8pm and 11pm! There are two stores in Gjoa Haven. There is the Northern Store where there is a post office too and the Co-op where it is community owned. There is also a Hotel where you can stay if you come for work or just to visit that is the Roald Amundsen Hotel that is owned by the Co-op and is has about 30 -50 guest rooms. There is also a Health Center so if you don’t feel like yourself you can contact the health center and if it is after hours you can ask to speak to the nurse on call. Finally for sports you can go to the local gymnasium where they play sports like soccer, volley-ball, basketball, badminton, and floor hockey. If you want to get in shape you can go to the Gideon Memorial Community center to get some exercise from the bow-flex, weights or just to stretch around and do yoga ,also  there are  activities you can do to like ping pong, Inuit games, watch a movie or just to hang out. And there is an Arena if you want to play hockey, go public skate or just to watch hockey!

      There is a lot of wildlife on the island but we mainly go for caribou, geese, and musk-ox. We go hunting by snowmobile, boat and outboard motor or ATV’s.  As for the weather we have massive snow blizzards which the temperature with the wind-chill can reach minus 60 degrees Celsius and the winds can gust up to 90 km an hour.                                                                                                                                                                                                      


This should be most of the things you should know about the little community of Gjoa-haven oh and our population is about 1500 to 2000 people which half of the community is under the age of 22.

Gjoa-Haven is a family oriented community. We help each other in any way possible, for example…When we have a “big catch” like a polar bear or musk-ox which we rarely get! We try to give some to the elders first and then the rest of the community. I was adopted to my grandparents. I grew up in a pretty traditional inuit way! No I dont live in an igloo, although we still keep many of our traditions. Im very proud to have been raised in the inuit culture. We can go out hunting anytime, anywhere we want to and get country food. Caribou, fish, and geese are very abundant on the land sometimes polar bear and musk-ox as well.We get to go out camping using snowmobile, noat and ATV’s. We dont get stuck in traffic jams or get speeding tickets. There is hardy any pollution , it quiet and peacefull (unless you have carvers trying to sell you carvings 😀 ). And you can go and tour the lands and oceans providing you have a guide, while touring you can hunt or fish if you have a license (which resident dont need). The way Gjoa Haven has made me the person who I am today is for sure being raised to be friendly and reach for my goals. As the elders pass on their knowledge of the inuit history down to generations we can pass it on to our grandchildren. It makes me happy to know that growing up in the north makes me connect to ther people easier although we are shy we are quite friendly and we seem to always have a smile on our faces! I love the north and its lands oceans and most of all the people! .For the bad part of living in the north is that you would have to fly out for medical attention also we have to wait for dentist to come in every three months. We have no bank branches so we takje alot longer to get a debit card or client card. We do have some resources but not alot we dont have a public library to go and study in quietness there are no places to shop for clothing (just the two stores which fashions are out of date). There are not alot of bad reasons to live up here so come and enjoy the scenery th efriend;y people and make some friends.

Blog assignment 7

10 years after 9/11

This is talking about the fatefull day that happened on Sept. 11, 2001 . I think that this is alike a personal diary to get all experiences about that day out of the persons chest! I like thsi because it talks about what people were thinking on that day and who had to be blamed! But i htink that no one other than Bush should be blamed because he ignored whta other countries had to say!!

Advice for New Girls

I think that this is a more open blog because it talks about  university and college life and not life at high school or elementary. It talks about even though that you are no longer being watched by your parents you still need to be very carefull you need to budget and you cannot get drunk anytime anywhere you want!!  I like this blog because it talks about life in university and all the things that can happen while on campus!

Baby no More

I think that this is a personal diary because she talks about her baby that is no longer a baby anymore. Itr is her daughters 2nd birthday and she talks about bringing her daughter to school even though she doesnt want her to grow up. As a n=mother myseld i love the fact that she keeps a dailky diray talking about her life and children!! I have two children that are growing up very fast even though i dont want them to we have no choice but to grow old so therefore we are stuck with growing children!! LOL

Another Gorilla died at Mont Tshiaberimu

OMG This is soo sad that they couldnt save the poor gorillas life!! This is a research blog I believe! Because they were researching gorillas for a very long time and they bonded with the gorillas that they had tamed. I love animalks of all kinds and they should have found him earlier or they should have known that he had a sickness for a long time!! I like this  blog because it helps people to appreciate anilmals more!! 😀


My thoughts on Rememberance Day <3 Lest We Forget <3

Rememberance Day is a statutory holiday, it is the one day in every year that we need to remember all the soldiers, pioneers, doctors, and all who fought for our country(ies) in respect.I myself bevielve that this is also is a day to think of all who has passed on, because they also made a difference in our lives. In saying that we take this day to think of all the soldiers by that i mean all who has fought in any war any part in the world if it wasn’t for them we wouldnt have all the wonderful tings in our lives mostly freedom. Well in most parts of the world we have freedom and that makes everyday life a 100% easier because while there were wars no had a freedeom to take an evening walk, or to go out on the land or to make it to one of the simplest things to take a shower anytime! The veterans went through one of the most hard times to make different cultures to be in peace they also fought for our land that we live off the land that holds our history! I would like to take this time to say thank you to all veterans who has poassed on or not you are very greatly respected and deeply need to be recognized!


Patty Kamookak

Through these eyes!

through these eyes

1) What do you feel is the main theme of this documentary?

 I feel that the theme of this documentary is understanding different cultures! Most of all I think that thge theme was for the white people to know about how the Inuit lived in the early ages, theyu did not have any technology nothing at all and I think that Bruno wanted to share how the inuit live and there everyday lives!

2) Do you feel a connection to the characters dipicted in this film? why?

Yes i felt a deep connection for the Inuit how they had to be filmed just to show qabluunaqs how they lived in those days of hard times! I also connected to the students all over America and Canada just because they were told that they wasted a year of schooling just to learn about inuit culture, I know for sure that it was useful for them to understand the different cultures all over this world. Some of those students may be traumatized by the Netsilik films but in some way they realized that cultures are very important for people all over the world not only for Inuit but for people all over!

3)Being ‘caught between two worlds’ is a common theme when discussing Nunavut and the loss of tradition culture. Please reflect on this.

Yes it is very common to be stuck in two worlds! For what I think is that in a good way it is kind of helpful because we have nurses, r.c.m.p, social workers, a hamlet, places to go for fun! But i would do anything and everything to keep our tradition alive. It is very sad how fast our tradition is dissappearing! When my mom talks about this she gets very emotional because she said that it was hard in the old days but she said that it was much easier than todays world because they didn’t have alcohol, drugs, criminals and all that horrible stuff that we see in our everyday lives! I would argue for  Bruno who did the Netsilik doc’s because he did the right thing to capture the Netsilik people on camera and then to show it to students across Canada and the U.S.A. Although it had dissapointed some parents by their childs educator to show them these foreign people who live of the land and eat fish eyes and make a balloon out of a caribou bladder, but as for the inuit if they had been shown a documentary about the way of how white people live it would be just the same experience the students, teachers and the parents had upon watching the movies. White people use pigs and cows for meals us inuit use seals and caribou. It may be a very different culture but the way white people and inuit live they still have the same beleifs such as beleiving in god orusing up all the meat on the cow or caribou or the pig or seal! I remember in the documentary that one parent couldnt make it to the meeting because she felt sick after watching the Netsilik films, us as inuit if we were shown how a cow is butchered and what parts they eat we would also feel sick after watching that too! What im trying to say is that two different races two different cultures but the same meaning of life and beleifs! Farmers live off the land just like the netsilik people did in the documentary. Most students of America and Canada were forced to stop watching the videos of the Netsiliks beause of al. the blood that was being shown, i didnt think that was right because they were trying to be taught something, they were trying to be taught how it is to live off the land and the stuff the netsiliks had to endure. They didnt walk miles and miles to get somewhere where there is food they just had to sit at home and wait for brekfast or lunch or supper to be served they didnt have to run like hell to catch a caribou or wait at a certain spot just to catch their next meal!! They just need toto to the market store and pick up already processed and packaged food! I have more to say but if i kep going on and on I probably wont stop so here it is this is how i reflect on this documentary!!!

Patty Kamookak ❤

Greece and the Global Economy

Hello I am scared for Greece Economy and its effects on the world. Its very scary for me to think about it. It really effects the world even if the country Greece is way on the other side of the ocean very far from where we live it can still effect us. Over 40.000 people can lose thier jobs and that in Cananda only! All the stock markets can go down in Canada and the USA and most people makes investments to have a everyday normal life they depend on their investments to keep their families fed and clothed. The articles I read were ostly about Greece and its neighbouring countries like Ireland, Italy, and Germany! Those countries are probably the most in risk because they are soo close to Greece! The article on The mother of all financial crisis is a very good resource if you want to know more. All I know is that the crisis can effect the whole world and the major stocks markets! The political parties may also have a big impact on this euro crisis because they would need to elct a new leader for Greece and that is probably a very hard decision. It was very irresponsible for Greece to borrow all this money and not have the money to pay it back! As for garuntees of provincial bebts, most leaders beleive that the federal government and the bank of Canada stand behind them but nothing in the law says that! All federations have to decide what the federal government does when lower-level governments get into debpt trouble. They should have thought about that before they borrowed from other countries and the countries that lent the money to Greece thay should have lookad at their Financial background! There are 10.7 million living in the small country Greece  and they are a 3rd lower than Usa and Canada. Although Greece make some money as fast as they are losing it. IF-Greece defaulted a condition that really shouldnt be put in the conditional anymore, because no one will lend them anymore money! Neighbouring countries can go downhill with Greece if they dont keep their financial states stronger than it already is! This is all I have to say on Greece and its economical crisis!

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Fried Caribou

My interest is Traditional Cooking. I love to cook traditional dishes like fried caribou, bannock, bolied caribou meat, boiled fish, bolied seal meat, dried meat/fish etc. I grew up with my grandparents whom are still very traditional  to this day. My grandpearnts adopted me from birth so I am still very into my Inuit culture. I learned how to do traditional cooking at a fairly young age, and I am still strong at my traditional cookining! I love cooking and teaching but mostly cooking! My common-law does the hunting and I do the cooking and if im lucky he’ll do the dishes after the meal 😛  I would watch my mom while she prepared the food that she was going to cook! It’s awesome to know that I can cook almost anykind of our Traditional Food! Sometimes she would have no time to cook the food so we would eat it raw only if it was Fish or Caribou we would have it raw/frozen! My favourite Traditionbal Dish is the fish stew with bannock, my mom would always make more than enough knowing we would go for seconds sometimes even thirds 😀 I thank my mom everyday for teaching me how to cook traditions foods, If it wasnt for her I wouldnt have the ability to cook maybe I would make my family eat only fast food, which is pretty common for people who dont have the abilities and knowledge to cook! I am going to poist a link and an image to give you an example of what we cook and eat in our daily lives!   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inuit_diet this the link!


1. She thinks that they are beneficial because we have more resources to go to when doing online classes or just to research a specific topic. Also we can comuunicate and apply to weblogs or websites just with a click or address. She also says that the web can enable individual participation in the market place of ideas which she refers marketplace for ideas as the web! The internet technology can be a powerful and effiective  technology tool for teachers and students alike! She has a very good point of using the internet for online classes or just to connect with peers to talk about assignments that they are working on they would have a lot of resources to go to for course outlines!


2. I think the most important part is the peer monitering because we can give advice and get advice from the younger peers and our own peers to understand more about blogs, websites and the internet itself. Also we can have online classes and have more info and resources for assignment 😀


Patty Kamookak Answers for gjoahaven.ning.com questions!

A survivors story: Resolute Plane Crash

A survivors story: Resolute plane crash…this article is about the plane crash that had occured in Resolute Bay in  Nunavut, Canada. The crash occured during the month of September 2011. Williamson talks about how fast and sudden the plane crashed she said “It came out of nowhere”. In total there were three lucky survivors on the devastating plane crash. Williamson broke her foot and fractured her pelvis in the crash as the other two survivors Gabrielle Pelky who is seven years old had survived with a broken leg and the third survivor was Williamson’s colleage who had a crushed chest fortunately he survived the dreadful plane crash. Williamson was concsious the whole time of the crash and she remember’s vividly what had happened she remembers the smell of jet fuel, mud, and burning metal and the sound’s of crackling fire. The plane broke almost exactly where she was seated in the plane, after the crash had happened she heard Gabrielle crying and screaming for help so she rolled to her left hand side and made it to Gabrielle then they went as far as they could from the crash site  Williamson says “I think Gabrielle had saved my life more than i had saved hers” the two plane crash survivore are still keeping in touch and they say they will always be friends forever. My heart goes out to all the family members who have lost their love one(s) in the plane crash! We pray for you everyday to keep going strong and you will have positive outcomes! follow the link above for the actual vidoe on the interview!!

What I think about this article is that I am soo happy for the young women who told her story that is very courages for her to do that also it really helps other people who have had expereienced a near death situatin. For you to do this will encourage people with the same experience to tell their stories.

The reason why I like this article is that this will bring a little closure on the families who had lost a loved one inb the crash!