A survivors story: Resolute Plane Crash

A survivors story: Resolute plane crash…this article is about the plane crash that had occured in Resolute Bay in  Nunavut, Canada. The crash occured during the month of September 2011. Williamson talks about how fast and sudden the plane crashed she said “It came out of nowhere”. In total there were three lucky survivors on the devastating plane crash. Williamson broke her foot and fractured her pelvis in the crash as the other two survivors Gabrielle Pelky who is seven years old had survived with a broken leg and the third survivor was Williamson’s colleage who had a crushed chest fortunately he survived the dreadful plane crash. Williamson was concsious the whole time of the crash and she remember’s vividly what had happened she remembers the smell of jet fuel, mud, and burning metal and the sound’s of crackling fire. The plane broke almost exactly where she was seated in the plane, after the crash had happened she heard Gabrielle crying and screaming for help so she rolled to her left hand side and made it to Gabrielle then they went as far as they could from the crash site  Williamson says “I think Gabrielle had saved my life more than i had saved hers” the two plane crash survivore are still keeping in touch and they say they will always be friends forever. My heart goes out to all the family members who have lost their love one(s) in the plane crash! We pray for you everyday to keep going strong and you will have positive outcomes! follow the link above for the actual vidoe on the interview!!

What I think about this article is that I am soo happy for the young women who told her story that is very courages for her to do that also it really helps other people who have had expereienced a near death situatin. For you to do this will encourage people with the same experience to tell their stories.

The reason why I like this article is that this will bring a little closure on the families who had lost a loved one inb the crash!


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