Blog assignment

Fried Caribou

My interest is Traditional Cooking. I love to cook traditional dishes like fried caribou, bannock, bolied caribou meat, boiled fish, bolied seal meat, dried meat/fish etc. I grew up with my grandparents whom are still very traditional  to this day. My grandpearnts adopted me from birth so I am still very into my Inuit culture. I learned how to do traditional cooking at a fairly young age, and I am still strong at my traditional cookining! I love cooking and teaching but mostly cooking! My common-law does the hunting and I do the cooking and if im lucky he’ll do the dishes after the meal 😛  I would watch my mom while she prepared the food that she was going to cook! It’s awesome to know that I can cook almost anykind of our Traditional Food! Sometimes she would have no time to cook the food so we would eat it raw only if it was Fish or Caribou we would have it raw/frozen! My favourite Traditionbal Dish is the fish stew with bannock, my mom would always make more than enough knowing we would go for seconds sometimes even thirds 😀 I thank my mom everyday for teaching me how to cook traditions foods, If it wasnt for her I wouldnt have the ability to cook maybe I would make my family eat only fast food, which is pretty common for people who dont have the abilities and knowledge to cook! I am going to poist a link and an image to give you an example of what we cook and eat in our daily lives! this the link!


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