1. She thinks that they are beneficial because we have more resources to go to when doing online classes or just to research a specific topic. Also we can comuunicate and apply to weblogs or websites just with a click or address. She also says that the web can enable individual participation in the market place of ideas which she refers marketplace for ideas as the web! The internet technology can be a powerful and effiective  technology tool for teachers and students alike! She has a very good point of using the internet for online classes or just to connect with peers to talk about assignments that they are working on they would have a lot of resources to go to for course outlines!


2. I think the most important part is the peer monitering because we can give advice and get advice from the younger peers and our own peers to understand more about blogs, websites and the internet itself. Also we can have online classes and have more info and resources for assignment 😀


Patty Kamookak Answers for gjoahaven.ning.com questions!


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