Through these eyes!

through these eyes

1) What do you feel is the main theme of this documentary?

 I feel that the theme of this documentary is understanding different cultures! Most of all I think that thge theme was for the white people to know about how the Inuit lived in the early ages, theyu did not have any technology nothing at all and I think that Bruno wanted to share how the inuit live and there everyday lives!

2) Do you feel a connection to the characters dipicted in this film? why?

Yes i felt a deep connection for the Inuit how they had to be filmed just to show qabluunaqs how they lived in those days of hard times! I also connected to the students all over America and Canada just because they were told that they wasted a year of schooling just to learn about inuit culture, I know for sure that it was useful for them to understand the different cultures all over this world. Some of those students may be traumatized by the Netsilik films but in some way they realized that cultures are very important for people all over the world not only for Inuit but for people all over!

3)Being ‘caught between two worlds’ is a common theme when discussing Nunavut and the loss of tradition culture. Please reflect on this.

Yes it is very common to be stuck in two worlds! For what I think is that in a good way it is kind of helpful because we have nurses, r.c.m.p, social workers, a hamlet, places to go for fun! But i would do anything and everything to keep our tradition alive. It is very sad how fast our tradition is dissappearing! When my mom talks about this she gets very emotional because she said that it was hard in the old days but she said that it was much easier than todays world because they didn’t have alcohol, drugs, criminals and all that horrible stuff that we see in our everyday lives! I would argue for  Bruno who did the Netsilik doc’s because he did the right thing to capture the Netsilik people on camera and then to show it to students across Canada and the U.S.A. Although it had dissapointed some parents by their childs educator to show them these foreign people who live of the land and eat fish eyes and make a balloon out of a caribou bladder, but as for the inuit if they had been shown a documentary about the way of how white people live it would be just the same experience the students, teachers and the parents had upon watching the movies. White people use pigs and cows for meals us inuit use seals and caribou. It may be a very different culture but the way white people and inuit live they still have the same beleifs such as beleiving in god orusing up all the meat on the cow or caribou or the pig or seal! I remember in the documentary that one parent couldnt make it to the meeting because she felt sick after watching the Netsilik films, us as inuit if we were shown how a cow is butchered and what parts they eat we would also feel sick after watching that too! What im trying to say is that two different races two different cultures but the same meaning of life and beleifs! Farmers live off the land just like the netsilik people did in the documentary. Most students of America and Canada were forced to stop watching the videos of the Netsiliks beause of al. the blood that was being shown, i didnt think that was right because they were trying to be taught something, they were trying to be taught how it is to live off the land and the stuff the netsiliks had to endure. They didnt walk miles and miles to get somewhere where there is food they just had to sit at home and wait for brekfast or lunch or supper to be served they didnt have to run like hell to catch a caribou or wait at a certain spot just to catch their next meal!! They just need toto to the market store and pick up already processed and packaged food! I have more to say but if i kep going on and on I probably wont stop so here it is this is how i reflect on this documentary!!!

Patty Kamookak ❤


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