My thoughts on Rememberance Day <3 Lest We Forget <3

Rememberance Day is a statutory holiday, it is the one day in every year that we need to remember all the soldiers, pioneers, doctors, and all who fought for our country(ies) in respect.I myself bevielve that this is also is a day to think of all who has passed on, because they also made a difference in our lives. In saying that we take this day to think of all the soldiers by that i mean all who has fought in any war any part in the world if it wasn’t for them we wouldnt have all the wonderful tings in our lives mostly freedom. Well in most parts of the world we have freedom and that makes everyday life a 100% easier because while there were wars no had a freedeom to take an evening walk, or to go out on the land or to make it to one of the simplest things to take a shower anytime! The veterans went through one of the most hard times to make different cultures to be in peace they also fought for our land that we live off the land that holds our history! I would like to take this time to say thank you to all veterans who has poassed on or not you are very greatly respected and deeply need to be recognized!


Patty Kamookak


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