Blog assignment 7

10 years after 9/11

This is talking about the fatefull day that happened on Sept. 11, 2001 . I think that this is alike a personal diary to get all experiences about that day out of the persons chest! I like thsi because it talks about what people were thinking on that day and who had to be blamed! But i htink that no one other than Bush should be blamed because he ignored whta other countries had to say!!

Advice for New Girls

I think that this is a more open blog because it talks about  university and college life and not life at high school or elementary. It talks about even though that you are no longer being watched by your parents you still need to be very carefull you need to budget and you cannot get drunk anytime anywhere you want!!  I like this blog because it talks about life in university and all the things that can happen while on campus!

Baby no More

I think that this is a personal diary because she talks about her baby that is no longer a baby anymore. Itr is her daughters 2nd birthday and she talks about bringing her daughter to school even though she doesnt want her to grow up. As a n=mother myseld i love the fact that she keeps a dailky diray talking about her life and children!! I have two children that are growing up very fast even though i dont want them to we have no choice but to grow old so therefore we are stuck with growing children!! LOL

Another Gorilla died at Mont Tshiaberimu

OMG This is soo sad that they couldnt save the poor gorillas life!! This is a research blog I believe! Because they were researching gorillas for a very long time and they bonded with the gorillas that they had tamed. I love animalks of all kinds and they should have found him earlier or they should have known that he had a sickness for a long time!! I like this  blog because it helps people to appreciate anilmals more!! 😀



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