Summativbe Essay

The read/write web is a very good way to empower and educate students. It makes them feel confident in themselves. By using the read/write web we can discuss assignments, hobbies, passions or whatever you see is online, and gets positive feedback which makes shy students come out of their shells and raise their voice by replying on comments or blogs.

If you want to work online with students, weblogs are the first online tool you should try. Blogs are very flexible which means you don’t have a limit for your content. They also build relationships between with other educators and students. Weblogs can also enhance and deepen learning by motivating students to do their school work or even to let them come to school more often. The best part is that we can keep assignments on different subjects organized by using eportfolios.This is the weblog world!

A wiki is an open source site where information is always updated and is the most accurate. Using a wiki site in classrooms is fluid because if the information is not correct you can sign up for a wiki and after that you can start making changes or edit what you think is wrong.

Social networks are very collaborative and social in nature. You can use social networks to connect with family and friends near or far. They are free to use if not they don’t cost much. If you are wondering which social network suits you best, my suggestion would be Skype for video calling to share photos or to chat with loved ones that are far away or They are very popular and they are free. You can connect with your child (ren) who is in university or with your other half who is on a business trip!

RSS is a very unique web tool I would say. With a Real Simple Syndication (RSS) we can get updates from all sorts of articles assignment or anything you want to be updated on. The real best part is you can get all this feedback in one weblog account or e-mail account! So try it I know that you well use it more often than your other online accounts!

What this is all about is that the read/write web is one of the easiest ways to connect to people it can also make us better readers and writers! Without the read/write web we would be stuck in classrooms trying to research something using textbooks which would probably take us a week to get one research done! Use the read/write web you are going to love it!!


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